Morning Sips: How to submit to God

Could submitting to God be as simple as drawing near to God?? If I draw near to God: as in spend time with Him, listen to Him, talk with Him, do things together with Him, perhaps even "affectionately scooch on over closer" just to be near Him …. well, wont I (read more)

Morning Sips: A Renewed Mind has taken me several decades to both learn and unlearn. For example: It's not enough to learn about the love of God … I also had to unlearn fear. It's not enough to learn to trust His love … I also had to unlearn rejection. It's not enough to learn to hope in His word … I also had to unlearn doubt..... (read more)

Morning Sips: The Other Side

You feel a stir in your spirit, or perhaps you receive a promise through the Word of God, and you set out on an adventure of faith with great hope and expectation for the "new and good thing" that you are expecting to happen as a result of this prompting or promise. But time drags on. Discouragement begins to weigh ….. (read more)