What Kind Of Beverage Are You?

Recently, I have taken to describing myself as a cup of coffee. I know, odd isn't it? Perhaps it would help to explain the context. FRIEND: What happened to that guy you were seeing? ME: I think I am just too strong a cup of coffee for him. Hmmm, maybe it's not that odd after … Continue reading What Kind Of Beverage Are You?

Morning Sips: Do you love me more than these?

I've been in a bit of a funk throughout most of 2020, and in truth a good chunk of 2019 also.   I'm sure I'm not the only one who has.   And as the weeks and months of 2020 sloooowly pass by, I have noticed an increasing restlessness for an end to all the things (COVID … Continue reading Morning Sips: Do you love me more than these?

Morning Sips: How to submit to God

Could submitting to God be as simple as drawing near to God?? If I draw near to God: as in spend time with Him, listen to Him, talk with Him, do things together with Him, perhaps even "affectionately scooch on over closer" just to be near Him …. well, wont I (read more)

Morning Sips: The Other Side

You feel a stir in your spirit, or perhaps you receive a promise through the Word of God, and you set out on an adventure of faith with great hope and expectation for the "new and good thing" that you are expecting to happen as a result of this prompting or promise. But time drags on. Discouragement begins to weigh ….. (read more)