When Life throws you Mud bombs

For the last several years, my church holds an annual women's event called "CAPTIVATE". We are always blessed with great speakers, not the least of them being our Pastor's wife Ginelle Payne. Or as her husband likes to call her "Nellie on Fire" because she is 100% a "firecracker" for God! Gosh I love that … Continue reading When Life throws you Mud bombs

You need a “jail break”

We've been talking about your jail cell for a long time.  How hard it is to live there, how stifling and oppressive it is.  You want out, but you feel trapped - bound - unable to escape.
You've cried yourself to sleep there countless nights.  You ache to breathe the fresh air and wander open spaces you hear visitors talking about.   Oh, the stories they tell!
Your longing to be free is so... (read more)

2018: A Year For Hope (Week 24)

A few weeks ago I went camping, fishing too. I was living the dream, baby! And then I wasn't. I got duped again! Read more... #faith #hope #healing for #emotional and #spiritual pain

2018: A Year For Hope (Week 13)

... imagery is forming in my spirit about venturing into lands of milk and honey.
But just like the 10 spies who saw giants in the land and counseled Moses not to go in to possess what God had promised, you and I can't take possession of the things God has promised us if we are bound by fear...