The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 43)

Over time, things can wear on a soul ... right? And without my noticing, pressure gradually deflated hope like helium in a birthday balloon gradually looses its power to lift. I still felt hopeful - tired, and worn, but still hopeful for God's promises to be fulfilled. But then I started listening...…...

The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 42)

I am currently refreshing on the need for and importance of guarding the words that I allow out of my mouth..... #SpeakLife #PowerofWords #GuardYourHeart

"Of Dreams and Nightmares"

Of Dreams and Nightmares (AYFH wk 41)

I don't believe God is all that terribly surprised that I've got junk in the trunk. Still. Even after all these years of walking with Him, I'm still hauling around a big old trunk of junk. There was a time when I used to get hung up on the fact that I didn't have everything all figured out … that my mountaintop experiences didn't last forever, and that sooner or later I'd once again be dragging my feet down in some nasty old valley again, wondering where God was and why He hasn't rescued me yet. When I'm feeling "wobbly" of spirit (wrestling with fear, doubt, and unbelief), I no longer...

"Of Dreams and Nightmares"

Of Dreams and Nightmares (AYFH wk 40)

Knowing is not the same as believing. If we were to be brutally honest, maybe we don’t believe all that we say we do. Unbelief often lives in the space between Fact and Truth.