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Welcome to Inspire! Art

We believe that the outward expression of individual creativity provides a unique source of joy for people of all ages, regardless of their perceived talent or the outlet for that creativity.  Some might say “I’m not very creative”, but everyone creates in some form or another.  From music to photography, woodworking to baking … the delight of creative expression comes in many forms.

We have launched the Inspire! Art product line because we wanted a way to reach beyond the boundaries of to bring a bit of hope and inspiration others.  How are we doing that?

  • by creating a product line that inspires fun and creative expression
  • by offering free e-color books
  • through fun contests on Facebook and Instagram for free Amazon gift cards
  • by charitable giving:  We believe in giving of our time, talent and treasure. In addition to free e-color books, every purchase of Inspire! Art products helps to provide free product and/or financial support to programs serving elderly adults as well as children with special needs.

Follow this link to purchase and thank you for your business!


Inspire Art, Create


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Inspired by my last name, I'm on a journey to better understand the intertwining of FAITH & HOPE.

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