2018: A Year For Hope (Week 7)

But sometimes, life sucks the hope right out of you! And then what, my friend? How is one to respond when you’ve been smacked upside the head by the frying pan of life, and had your hope knocked clear across the floor? Read more...

Battle weary? ADP!

This has been on my heart for a while now.  Perhaps like me, there are things you have been praying for - but as yet have not received your breakthrough.  Promises you're standing on, but manifestation hasn't shown up yet.   Declarations of faith that are beginning to sound a little hollow - even to your … Continue reading Battle weary? ADP!

The Break Up

As a young girl (of about 8 or so?), a few of my brothers and sisters hid under my parents bed, and when I went into my folks room to find my mom one of them reached out and grabbed my feet.  Of course, they all thought it was hysterically funny and I'm sure broke into immediate laughter.  … Continue reading The Break Up

The Valley of Dry Bones and Failures

Do you have a 'valley of dry bones' in your life?    Passions and aspirations that once inspired you but are now dead and decomposed, their sun-bleached bones discarded into the dump heap? I do!  Over the years, I've had many hopes and dreams that seem to come for a season (nearly overtaking me in their power and … Continue reading The Valley of Dry Bones and Failures