Little by Little

What are you dreaming about?  I'm not necessarily talking about sleepy-time dreams, but the dreams and aspirations that drive you to keep on pressing, keep on pursuing. Maybe you're dreaming of becoming a doctor. Maybe you're dreaming of becoming a home owner. Maybe you're dreaming about the day you will become debt free. Or maybe, like … Continue reading Little by Little

Seeds planted, with high expectations for the harvest!

I love to garden - to slip on my gloves and green rubber boots, and get out there to play in the dirt.  Especially in the spring, when gardening energies run high.  The blackberry patch invites me in to cut back last years fruit vines, and stake the canes that will bear this summer.  My Weigela is already budding out … Continue reading Seeds planted, with high expectations for the harvest!

Receiving Instruction (part 3)

In my last post, I spoke of being 'thumped' and asked the questions:  What has God called you to do that requires more of you?  What are you facing that requires the very best that you have?  As followers of Christ we are called put on the Armor of God and stand against the powers of … Continue reading Receiving Instruction (part 3)

Receiving Instruction (part 2)

I pray I am always honest with God, with myself, and with you - my reader.  I never want to represent myself here as having figured out the answers to all of life's questions, and/or be walking in constant victory over all manner of trials and temptations.    Nor, I pray, shall I focus too much on the unanswerable questions … Continue reading Receiving Instruction (part 2)