The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 45)

I had a mean mouth.  I knew how to use words to cut someone down in 3.5 seconds flat.   I was actually kind of proud of how skilled I could be with my words. I guess it was Mr. "T" that helped me understand how much words can hurt a soul. I became a little more thoughtful about my speech. I learned to first process my feelings/emotions, then speak. A good practice for life, but unfortunately doesn't accomplish much good when you're.... #SpeakLife #PowerofWords #GuardYourHeart

The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 44)

We all hear things from the background of our own understanding and experiences. About 20 years ago, I had a good friend who got 'turned on' to the Word of Faith movement. With my (more traditional) church upbringing, so much of what he said sounded ridiculous to me at the time. Like the time he was practically purple with the flu, yet was declaring himself healed and well. (errr … Buddy … you don't LOOK healed and well to me!) …..

The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 43)

Over time, things can wear on a soul ... right? And without my noticing, pressure gradually deflated hope like helium in a birthday balloon gradually looses its power to lift. I still felt hopeful - tired, and worn, but still hopeful for God's promises to be fulfilled. But then I started listening...…...

The Garden Spot of the Soul (AYFH wk 42)

I am currently refreshing on the need for and importance of guarding the words that I allow out of my mouth..... #SpeakLife #PowerofWords #GuardYourHeart