Of Dreams and Nightmares (AYFH wk 39)

The devil hates losing territory. That is why we must remain alert, for the devil is a sneaky cuss! Like a fisherman changes tactics when the fish aren’t striking on one bait, the devil will change tactics and come at you a different way when from time to time. The good news is that the devil is a defeated foe, and while we may be inclined to "take the bait…. Read more

Of Dreams and Nightmares (AYFH wk 38)

I was able to lay my head down on the pillow at night and sleep because I had greater confidence in Jesus’s love for me than I had in any dream to derail my sanity. But there is more to the healing process than just remembering and processing, because if just remembering brought healing then why would so many people need medication (self-prescribed or physician prescribed) to help them deal with PTSD, nightmares and night terrors? Nightmares would actually be a good thing! Because nightmares would be one of the tools to remembering and processing, right?.... read more

Morning Sips: Abandonment Issues

For those of us who have had parents that have wounded us in word or in action, let us not ascribe their shortcomings and failures to the character of God, our Heavenly Father. Where human love fails, ...

Of Dreams and Nightmares (AYFH wk 37)

One Sunday, the Pastor Daniel told of two sisters he met doing some missions work overseas. He described how one had been repeatedly violated by a family member, while the other sister had been thought sleeping in the room and therefore had witnessed her siblings abuse. Oh the torment of soul she carried, and Pastor D explained that you don't have to be the physical victim in order to be abused. As he shared that story, something within me began to violently shake and quake. I found it near impossible to breath, and