What Kind Of Beverage Are You?

Recently, I have taken to describing myself as a cup of coffee. I know, odd isn't it? Perhaps it would help to explain the context. FRIEND: What happened to that guy you were seeing? ME: I think I am just too strong a cup of coffee for him. Hmmm, maybe it's not that odd after … Continue reading What Kind Of Beverage Are You?

MORNING SIPS: You will get through it

I usually follow a reading plan in the mornings while sipping coffee. I've used many plans over the years, currently I am using a "One Year Bible" to help keep me on track. But some days I get side tracked. Well, lots of days I get side tracked and not always for the right reasons. … Continue reading MORNING SIPS: You will get through it

When Life throws you Mud bombs

For the last several years, my church holds an annual women's event called "CAPTIVATE". We are always blessed with great speakers, not the least of them being our Pastor's wife Ginelle Payne. Or as her husband likes to call her "Nellie on Fire" because she is 100% a "firecracker" for God! Gosh I love that … Continue reading When Life throws you Mud bombs

"The Empty Chair"

The Empty Chair

It is inevitable that sooner or later, life will deal a hard blow to your soul and to your spirit.   The abandonment of a parent, the betrayal of a friend, the divorce of a spouse, the death of a loved one … different types of losses but common in that each one can and often … Continue reading The Empty Chair