Know Jesus?


I often speak about the promises of God in my blogs.  God’s promises for His children include forgiveness, peace, joy, wisdom, deliverance, provision, health, and so much more.

If you’ve not invited Jesus to be your Savior, why not do so now? It can be as simple as saying: “Jesus, I decide right now to believe in you.  Take my life, and do something with it.”

Who Am I

Who Am I

If you just prayed that simple prayer with sincerity, guess what … you’ve just become a son or daughter of the Living God!!  Starting right now, everything the Bible says you are – YOU ARE …. and everything the Bible says you have – YOU HAVE!

And the more Truth that gets into your head and into your heart, the more your life with transform – from the inside out – just like mine did.

For additional information and resources, I’ve provided a few links to trusted sites and ministries I support.

If I can be of any help, please drop me a note via any of the contact modes on the About page sidebar.

In Him,


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