Blessed To Be A Blessing

When launching Inspire! Art, I made a public promise to charitable giving.

” We believe in giving of our time, talent and treasure.  In addition to free e-color books, every purchase of Inspire! Art products helps to provide free product and/or financial support to programs serving elderly adults as well as children with special needs”.

Whitney Place at Westborough
Crashed the Art Therapy class at Whitney Place at Westborough. What a joy to bless others through Inspire! Art and

Last week, at the invitation of Marketta Rosecka-Vilimek, CPD, Director of Recreation and Art Instruction of Susanna, I sat in on one of the many Art Therapy classes offered at Whitney Place at Westborough.  Our class was attended by approx. 15 students from their memory care facility, and I can honestly say that it was the joy of my week!    The passion, whit and humor of these woman quickly infused the room and before long laughter swallowed up anxiety as new (or new-again) friendships were made and creativity flowed.

I shared a few pictures on Instagram (here) and below is a photo of one of the art pieces created by Miss Ann.

Miss Ann's creation       #memorycare #arttherapy
A close up of Miss Ann’s creation. Definitely not the bowl of apples we were invited to paint, Miss Ann instead let #Inspiration carry her away to a new place. It was a privilege to watch this emerge from her mind and spirit!

We (Inspire! Art) may be a small fish in a very large sea of art supply products, but we are sure having a lot of fun swimming around and doing good where we can!

We are currently working on VOLUME II of our free e-colorbook series and are hoping to launch a new product in time for holday shopping!   Your prayers are appreciated.

If you haven’t already downloaded VOLUME I, here’s the link


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